Magni History


Magni is well known in the motorcycles field because of its joint with MV Agusta.

In 1947, Arturo Magni began his distinguished career in the Gilera racing department working under the guidance of world famous Piero Remor.

Remor was the engineer of the famous four-cylinder double overhead cams Gilera racing engine. 

In 1950, Arturo Magni joined a newly formed MV Agusta racing department, where he remained until MV retired from races in 1977.

Under Magni's management as chief of the famed MV Reparto Corsa, the team won 75 world championships and over 3,000 races.

A record still untouched by any other manufacturer.

Famous motorcycle racers riding for MV were John Surtees, Mike Hailwood, Provini, Ubbiali, and the most famous of modern times, Giacomo Agostini with 15 world championships. 

After MV retired from races, Magni and his sons set up factory to build special versions of production motorcycles.

First bikes the Magnis redesigned were the 750cc and 788cc MV Sport & MV America road bikes.

With all of the engineering experience developed over 25 years of racing, Arturo and sons performed complete transformations of the street version MV's including chain drives, new frames, tanks, seats, etc.

When complete, a Magni MV looks and sounds very much like a racing MV.

A Magni MV is a masterpiece of motorcycle art.  

In the early 80s Magni expanded into building Honda 900 Bol d'Or replicas, named MH1 without fairings and a completely faired and full featured bike called MH2.

About 300 units were produced. 

In 1982-1983 Magni turned to BMW boxer 1000cc. engine, designing brand new frame and components.

Like the Honda, the bikes were produced in two versions - MB1 and MB2, the MB2 was completed with every imaginable accessory. 

In the 1985, driven by market demand, Magni bikes became completely Italian with a long-lasting relationship with Moto Guzzi for engines. 

The first Magni model with the new engine was the "LeMans" incorporated a full fairing, contemporary lines and a innovative rear suspension system designed by Magni called the "parallelogrammo". 

This new suspension system eliminates the reactions normally induced with shaft drive motorcycles. The "parallelogrammo" suspension enables the bike to perform much like a chain-drive unit.

From then on, other similar systems have been developed by other manufacturers. 

In 1987 Magni introduced two new models "Classico 1000" and "Arturo 1000".

These bikes were styled in Retro look with 70s styling - spoke wheels, big round headlights, exposed engines, and many polished steel parts.

The bikes were a big success, meeting the maturing motorcyclist with a product of unique beauty and extremely high quality. 

In 1989 Magni introduced the "Sfida 1000" with style looking at the Italian races bikes of the 60s.

Fuel tanks of hand hammered aluminum sculpted like the MV Agusta and Gilera racing bikes. 

In 1990 Magni introduced a new bike designed for racing in two cylinder engine class throughout the world.

The Australian importer competes with the new bike with exceptional results! 

Magni names the new model "Australia" in his honor.

The Australia has modern lines, full fairing and components found on "superbike" style motorcycles.

In 1993, the first road model Australia is produced with identical characteristic as the racing model except for required electrical items, exhaust and accessories that make it fit for road use. 

In 1995 the new model "Sfida 1100" is introduced with a new improved frame and other handling improvements. 

In 1997, the Sfida 1100 i.e. is introduced incorporating the Guzzi “Electronic Fuel Injection” engine and a unique rear seat section that can be adjusted to carry a passenger. 

In 1998 two new models were released, the "Sfida 1000 4V" with the Guzzi 4 valve engine, the new Australia 98, with the new 102 hp 4 valve engines, and the "Giappone 52" a limited edition model to commemorate 20 years of Magni activity and 50 years of activity of the firm Fukuda Motors, the official importer of Magni bikes for the Japanese market. 

In 1998, Magni entered the U.S. market with Commerce Overseas Corporation (COC).

Magni and COC date back to the MV Agusta days when COC was the importer of the MV750 Sport and MV America models. 

The last Magni model is called “Sport 1200 S” which has a four-cylinder engine: the Suzuki GSX 1200 Inazuma.

The main feature of this bike is its line, which draws on the MV Agusta 750S.

2011 a new challenge, Magni produces a one of a kind motorcycle called “Magni Experience” to take part at Bol d’Or Classic in Magny Cours, France. 65 teams on the grid, a very hard race and a great result: 7th place for Magni Team.

2012 a new motorcycle, “Magni R3” is the first Magni motorcycle with an English engine.

An ultra light Cafè Racer built in cooperation with Triple Tecs, a factory that is well known in the USA for tuning BSA and Triumph 3 cylinders engines.

The motorcycle was ordered by Brent Lenehan, who wanted a special bike equipped with a classic Italian experience chassis and a BSA Rocket 3 engine.

The unveiling took place during the fourth edition of “The Quail Motorcycle Gathering” in Carmel Valley, California. Magni R3 won the Spirit of the Quail Award.

2013 a new model “Storia”. Reinterpretation of the most acclaimed motorcycle produced by MV Agusta: the 750S of 1972.

The motorcycle that left a strong mark in the history of road bikes, now is proposed on a MV Agusta Brutale 1090 basis.

Production and sale started during spring 2014.

In the mean time, the design process has been finalized to fit also the first models of Brutale (before 2009).

Every motorcycle is customizable like the Orobianco version, or with Rizoma spare parts.

2014 unveiling of new model  “Filo Rosso” powered with MV Agusta 3 cylinders 800cc.


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